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About The Editors “THE VERDICT TODAY”
The Verdict Today team consists of advocates from different backgrounds, practising different fields of law starting from hard core litigation to fighting for social causes. From being leaders in the State Bar Council to being a panel advocate. From being a corporate advocate to being a street lawyer.


Anurag Srivastava is an advocate who has worked distinguishably for the cause of environment. Being a lawyer who has largely worked for the underprivileged and overlooked sections of the society that being the tribal’s and the marginalized group, he is attached to the roots and continues to work for the cause of environment. He started his practice with Shri Sanjay Upadhya (AOR) having to his credit the first e environmental law firm in India. Anurag was instrumental in researching and drafting Forest Rights Act. He also did ffield based research on United Nations Development Project named to ‘Access to Justice’ for the marginalized forest community. Apart from doing research work on Environment Impact Assessment Notification issued by Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India.

Madhulika Mohta, Advocate feels proud herself to be tagged as street advocate. She has dedicated her earlier years for the cause of social litigation. Having done her internship with Shri. M.C. Mehta the noted environmentalist of our nation, she started her practice with Aparna Bhat (AOR) who to her credit has worked with various women commissions and child rights commissions. Ms. Bhat had also represented Gujarat Rights victims before the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Madulika becames her shadow and under her guidance she learned to work for the invisible population of the society.

Patron Editors:

Vijay Kumar Malik, Advocate is a well established practicing advocate in criminal Law. To his credit he has a reputation to get favourable orders from the bench due to the fine advocacy skills which he possesses. Being the senior most amongst all the editors of TVT he acts as a guiding light for all the newcomer editors and steps in case of any kind of adversity.

Praveen Dabas, Advocate is both an advocate and a leader having earned the reputation of becoming one of the youngest Treasurer of Rohini Court, Bar Association ( 2012- 2014). He has a reputation of extending his help to every lawyer who emerge on his doorsteps.

Editorial Advisory Board:

Advocates are not made but born this stands true for Manjeet Singh Bhamra and Nidhi Gupta Advocates. Both are self made advocates and have together started a law firm called the Legal Raft. Their firm deals with all kinds of litigation, with having a niche of 138 N.I. cases. Both are versatile advocates with all the skills and aptitude which a lawyer required. Legal Raft is a law firm with a heart where cases of lawyers are dealt free of cost and all the upcoming lawyers are welcomed with open arms for any kind of assistance and help. Together both Nidhi and Manjeet got landmark judgments passed in their favour especially in cases of N.I Act and Matrimonial Disputes. The recent order passed by Delhi High Court, needs to be mentioned herein where they managed to got a case quashed for a proclaimed offender under Section 498-A only on basis of power of attorney, their remains nothing to be added upon.

Aman Kumar, Advocate and Pooja Kumar, Advocates are unique in themselves as at the threshold of their practise they were blessed to have their own chamber in Tes Hazari which serves as a main office for TVT.

Deepak Sahni, Advocate is another down to earth lawyer. He is been practicing as an independent lawyer and also in association with a network of lawyers committed for the cause of serving his client to the best of his abilities.

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