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Judgment Writing - For Judicial Service

We a bunch of advocates started with the concept of a law journal in the year 2014 without any idea that it will be appreciated and demanded by both set of people; “those who have done law and those who are doing it”. We were literally thrilled to realise its importance when our publisher came up with the demand to write something for the Mains. We did not take it seriously but when the pressure grew we actually thought that what will be more honourable for us by seeing a law student turning into a judge.......

So came to the book on “Judgment Writing - For Judicial Service”. A person is a judge because he can write someone’s destiny. What we have done in this book is selected the judgments as per syllabus for the Mains of Judicial Services across States from Supreme Court and High Court authored by various judicial officers. Reader will be familizared with different styles of judgment writing which will contribute in making their own style.

The book has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the MAINS paper. However apart from judgment writing a quick interpretation of law and revision of the course will also simultaneously takes place. We wish you all the best for your exams.

Current Issue
Family Pension , Life Insurance, Provident Fund etc. benefits extend to dependents of deceased must remain unaffected and cannot be allowed to be deducted while calculating compensation of deceased in motor accident.
2016 (2) TVT 317 (SC)

Will need not be attested or notarized to seek probate
2016(2) TVT 332 (Del.)

Widow by virtue of Will has absolute interest in property of her husband and all legal rights to execute Sale Deed etc. in favour of third party - Son of deceased cannot object to said transaction.
2016(2) TVT 336 ( Del.)
In The Public Interest
» An autobiographical narrative of M. C. Mehta’s illustrious career fighting for the public
» A collection of M. C. Mehta’s wisdom, anecdotes and legal stratagems
» A unique compilation of the judgments and orders in 18 public interest cases
The Verdict Today
For over a period of time after reading judgments from various sources the team of advocates have come together and started a journal called "THE VERDICT TODAY" to suit the demands of litigating advocates. Its’ team consists of advocates from different backgrounds, practising different fields of law starting from hard core litigation to fighting for social causes. From being a panel advocate to being a street lawyer.

The Journal covers exclusive judgments of Supreme Court and Delhi High Court. The Journal is formulated and designed especially as per requirements of Advocates as per their demands. All the judgments are handpicked by a panel of competent editors having practical and academic knowledge of law.

Each judgment undergoes a lot of discussion and mind blogging exercise before it is being put in the pages of "THE VERDICT TODAY". The head notes are carved in the most simple style which will answer the query of the reader without going through the entire judgment. The Journal is your Lawyers friendly copy, please oblige us by mailing your requirements and demands.